my name is steve galbreath and i am expert at nothing. as i was forged in the desert i taught myself music, poetry, prose, design, photography, and sadness. i’ve put all those things here. this is yr one-stop shop for steve galbreath, babe

i like lists so heres some that will perhaps give me better shape


moments in film that provide Ultimate Satisfaction

after the jaguar shark, favorite age, all hands on steve zissou

red and andy and hope and the pacific

linus and the meaning of christmas

suddenly seymour, sun-drenched

‘i have a love in my life. it makes me stronger than anything you can imagine’

david byrne dancing with a lamp


steps to trick people into thinking yr a poet

delete nearly everything

abbreviate at random

research the New Thing and use it mercilessly (current Things: teeth, antlers, moths)

avoid end rhyme

be ugly, yet desirable, yet unattainable, yet a lil accessible


tips on how to be disliked by me

look around to see who’s watching you give to the homeless

believe with your whole heart that an entire genre of music can directly inspire homicide

microwave eggs without feeling a little dirty

punch me in the face when im 9 years old and just asked you if you want to play football

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